MaxiDas DS708


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ATH. MaxiDas DS708 tölvurnar eru læstar á milli markaða.  Það eru nokkur dreifingarsvæði fyrir tölvurnar og tölvur sem eru keyptar á einu dreifingarsvæði er ekki hægt að uppfæra á öðru svæði.  Það er gert til að vernda dreifingaraðila á hverju svæði fyrir sig.  Svæðin eru Ástralía, Bandaríkin, Kanada og Bretland. Tölvur sem eru t.d. keyptar í Evrópu er ekki hægt að uppfæra í hinum löndunum.  Ekki þarf að hafa áhyggjur af því að tölvur sem við seljum læsist þegar á að uppfæra þær.

MaxiDas DS708 Description:
the MaxiDAS DS708 is a state-of-art diagnostic system that delivers more accurate, more stable, more comprehensive, easier and faster diagnosis. The new generation platform stands out in a variety of tools by providing incredibly high performance with intuitive operation. Right for the first time, workshops and technicians could find an OE-level diagnostic solution designed for the aftermarket. The DS708 is the key to gain customer confidence and boost your bottom-line.

MaxiDas DS708 Feature and Function:
1. Extensive vehicle coverage for more than 40 domestic, Asian and European vehicle makes;
2. Deep vehicle system coverage for ALL electronic systems;
3. Complete function capability including live data, ECU programming and so many others;
4. Unparalleled OBDII functionalities?Csupports ALL 5 OBDII protocols and ALL 9 test modes;
5. Automatic Wi-Fi updates available in new software releases;
6. Innovative dual-processor technology for quicker diagnostics and boot-up;
7. The genuine Windows CE operating system allows for more stable performances, better compatibility and expandability;
8. WIFI internet capability allows for wireless access throughout the workshop;
9. Internet explorer brings internet resource of your choice at your fingertips
10. Advanced USB communication for faster operation and more accurate diagnostics;
11. Automatic Wi-Fi updates available in new software releases;
12. Extremely easy-to-us with touch-screen operation and intuitive operation;
13. Extensive vehicle coverage for more than 30 domestic, Asian and European vehicle makes;
14. 7 inch 800 x 480 pixel TFT color display provides better view of test results, graphs, web pages and etc;
15. Unique shop tough ergonomic design features multi-layered rubber protection and strong housing;
16. Intelligent memory of vehicles for easy and quick diagnosis of tested vehicles;
17. Captures, saves and prints screenshots for convenient troubleshooting;
18. Displays live data in text, graph and analog for easy data review and analysis;
19. Records and playbacks live data to pinpoint troubles of sensors and components;
20. Innovative graph merging for easy and quick detection of intermittent problems;
21. Automatic WIFI Data Logging for quick and accurate technical support and troubleshooting;
22. Built-in overvoltage protection keeps the instrument and vehicle from unwanted damages;
23. Creative remote diagnosis for convenient demonstrationand training;
24. Powered by Autel® Uni-SCANTM technology with no need for extra adaptors or “keys” ;
25. Prints out recorded data any time and anywhere with Wi-Fi printing capability.


Autel DS708 full package:

Maxidas ds708
OBD –II cable& adapters
USB Cable
Ethernet Cable
Memory Card
CD-ROM Software
Plastic Carrying Case


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Nr. Logo Tegund Flokkur Síðasta útgáfa Sækja
1 BUGATTI Evrópa V6.10 Sækja
1 BENTLEY Evrópa V6.10 Sækja
2 MAYBACH Evrópa V7.50 Sækja
3 VAUXHALL Evrópa V5.00 Sækja
4 ALFA ROMEO Evrópa V2.00 Sækja
5 LANCIA Evrópa V1.00 Sækja
6 ABARTH Evrópa V1.00 Sækja
7 FIAT Evrópa V1.00 Sækja
8 SAAB Evrópa V2.00 Sækja
9 SPRINTER Evrópa V3.50 Sækja
10 KIA Asía V2.00 Sækja
11 DAEWOO Asía V1.00 Sækja
12 ISUZU Asía V1.00 Sækja
13 JAGUAR Evrópa V3.00 Sækja
14 CITROEN Evrópa V7.00 Sækja
15 SMART Evrópa V3.00 Sækja
16 TOYOTA Asía V1.03 Sækja
17 SUBARU Asía V2.00 Sækja
18 SCION Asía V1.03 Sækja
19 NISSAN Asía V2.01 Sækja
20 MITSUBISHI Asía V2.01 Sækja
21 LEXUS Asía V1.03 Sækja
22 INFINITI Asía V2.01 Sækja
23 HYUNDAI Asía V2.10 Sækja
24 HOLDEN Asía V1.01 Sækja
25 HONDA Asía V4.00 Sækja
26 ACURA Asía V4.00 Sækja
27 MAZDA Asía V5.10 Sækja
28 VOLVO Evrópa V5.60 Sækja
29 VW Evrópa V6.10 Sækja
30 SKODA Evrópa V6.10 Sækja
31 SEAT Evrópa V6.10 Sækja
32 RENAULT Evrópa V6.0 Sækja
33 PEUGEOT Evrópa V3.04 Sækja
34 OPEL Evrópa V5.20 Sækja
35 MINI Evrópa V3.01 Sækja
36 LAND ROVER Evrópa V4.30 Sækja
37 EU FORD Evrópa V1.10 Sækja
38 DACIA Evrópa V2.00 Sækja
39 BMW Evrópa V3.01 Sækja
40 BENZ Evrópa V7.50 Sækja
41 AUDI Evrópa V6.10 Sækja
42 GM Evrópa V2.00 Sækja
43 CHRYSLER Evrópa V5.50 Sækja
44 FORD Evrópa V1.10 Sækja